Christmas Family Photos

Christmas Family Photos

Merry Christmas everyone! YES I can officially start saying that! WOO HOO If you can’t tell, I LOVE Christmas, and I love the holidays.

I wanted to take a break from our ordinary blog posts, so share a personal one with y’all (Thanks Whitney, your texan lingo is definitely rubbing off on me). First of all, in case we haven’t met, I’m Betsy! My husband (Justin) and I started Essence Photography in 2009. We’ve been so blessed to grow this business, and now have AMAZING and talented photographers sharing their gifts with us at Essence Photography. (Shout out to Victoria, Joel, Whitney and Kaylee) Here’s a photo of me and my fabulous husband.

Today I’m going to share some of OUR family photos. Whitney (One of our AMAZING over the TOP incredible Lead Associate Photographers) did them this year. We’ve had our photos done a handful of times over the last 10 years (I know I’m a photographer, how can that be!? This is a no judgement zone people LOL) We’ve been busy (we’ve all said that haven’t we?) I didn’t love my weight (next year after I lose it) whatever the reason I’ve not done it as often as I wish I had. Especially now that our kids are huge, and I don’t have many images of us all together. Look how old my babies are people? How did this happen?

Doing photography for 8 years, we’ve had a ton of experience capturing Family Stories for other people, but something really clicked this year when I saw the photos Whitney took of us. I saw myself differently. I saw my self for the first time through someone else’s lens. I didn’t just see a photo of me, I felt like I saw a GLIMPSE into who I am, my personality, and I felt beautiful, and strong, and fierce. Often times I don’t see myself that way. I don’t start my day in the mirror telling myself I’m beautiful and fierce (although maybe I should start). But for whatever reason, when I saw these images I felt something I hadn’t felt before. Confidence, and acceptance, and even joy. I realized I have been beautiful, fierce, and strong ALL along, and I just hadn’t embraced it.

(Here’s the photo that really made me see something different)

The reason I’m sharing all of this with you, is because I feel like I discovered an even deeper passion for Photography and the important role it plays in our lives. It has the ability to show us something we may not see. It has the ability to preserve seasons, that will pass all too quickly, and it can shape and capture an experience. Experiences we wouldn’t have even had, if we didn’t take the time to do our photos.

Our oldest Son (who’s 15, and I’m shocked still participates willingly in our photos) randomly put music on while we were doing our photos, and we all immediately broke into dance. This wasn’t planned or staged, just an organic capture of our super fun family being silly. I’ll cherish this forever, and I wouldn’t have it, if we didn’t make the time. I know how long we can go putting it off, we are all tired, and busy. It is a lot of work, coordinating outfits, getting people out the door on time. How we look can hinder us, maybe we don’t feel beautiful, or we think we can wait to put it off until we have more confidence. Non of these reasons should stop us from embracing our season. I decided last year, regardless of my weight, I would make time to capture our family while my kids are still home. I can’t afford to put it off, they are changing by the minute. I want to encourage you, to take the time, embrace your family, and capture your story! Every chapter is valuable and precious. Every chapter is worth capturing.




Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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